Power Consult Ltd. was formed in 2003 by Hungarian power engineers with experience in engineering and development areas. The main activities are consulting and training. Our colleagues gained experiences at power utilities, power plants and several energy related projects.

The company offers its local and regional knowledge for European firms intending to act in this region

As a result of our co-operation you will get acquainted with up-to-date solutions, you will be able to lower operational costs and risks. You will also have the possibility to get in contact with other experts within the sector.

Our main activity is power engineering consultancy that includes :

  • supervisory and control systems
  • renewable energy resources
  • energy trade
  • energy management
  • selection of software tools and architectures (SCADA, ERP)
  • simulators, simulation, studies
  • optimisation
  • intelligent applications
  • training, education
  • elaboration of EU proposals
  • computer managed maintenance systems

Our complementary services include:

  • project management
  • support for energy procurement processes
  • technical inspection
  • load-forecast software development

Our aims are to

  • provide the up-to-date information to our partner
  • offer quality service
  • enable long-term co-operation
  • participate in the modernization of the sector by providing expert opinion in conferences and other professional forums

We look forward to welcoming you among our business partners, our motto is:

“Competence and cooperation”